Cancer and pregnancy: the impact on women, families and midwives

Thursday, February 27, 2020 15:15 - 15:45

A cancer diagnosis in pregnancy is deeply traumatic for the family, however it can have a huge impact on their midwifery team too. Getting the balance between caring for her as a mum and her diagnosis becomes a grey area and who can they call on for support?

This talk will explore how, in the midst of supporting families through a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy, the impact on the midwifery team can be acute but unseen as they are left in a quandary of protecting and supporting mums choices, but working within the parameters set by oncology to ensure mum has the best life chances. Where women have options or in some cases no options at all, it is important to highlight that third sector organisations like Mummy’s Star are as much there for the midwife as a support and sounding board as they are for the family going through that diagnosis

Pete Wallroth, Founder, Mummy's Star