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Experiencing breech diagnosis: women's perception of choice and support in making decisions regarding management of breech presentation

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 11:20 - 11:55

Professional guidelines recommend midwives and obstetricians actively involve women and birthing people in making decisions about their care. To date, breech research has focused mainly on assessing the effectiveness of different management options, but little attention has been given to women's feelings regarding breech presentation and management. This presentation will discuss the findings from a primary research undertaken by the author, which explores women’s experience of breech presentation and their perception of choice and support in making decisions with regards to breech management. In doing so, the author will provide an introduction, aims of the study and an overview of the research methods used for data analysis. The results from this research will be discussed within the context of women and birthing people's rights in the UK.

Antonio Sierra, Consultant Midwife, NHS